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 [[public:​products:​airmd-100n|AirMD-100N - NB-IoT motion detector]] [[public:​products:​airmd-100n|AirMD-100N - NB-IoT motion detector]]
-[[public:​products:​airslc-100l-zhaga|AirSLC-100L/​ZHAGA ​- LoRaWAN smart street light module ​with ZHAGA socket]]+[[public:​products:​airslc-100l|AirSLC-100L - LoRaWAN smart street light module]]
 [[public:​products:​CV-100l|AirCV-100L(N)/​I2(I4) - Universal S0 converter]] [[public:​products:​CV-100l|AirCV-100L(N)/​I2(I4) - Universal S0 converter]]
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