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Indoor magnetic detector working on NB-IoT network
  • The magnetic detector is used to detect motion – it is activated by attaching or removing the magnet from the sensor.
  • Anti-sabotage function (tamper): When unauthorized interference with the detector occurs (disassembly) it sends an information message to the server.
  • Power supply: 1x CR123A battery.
  • CoAP protocol implemented by default

Energy consumption
Battery type: 1xCR123A
Battery capacity (Eb): 1500 mAh
Sleep consumption: 21 uA
Idle energy consumption per month (Em): 14.136 mAh
Transaction energy consumption (Et): 0.135 mAh
Formula to calculate expected battery life (T; in months): T=(Eb−N×31×Et)/Em
Formula to calculate maximum number of transaction (N): N=(Eb−T×Em)/(31×Et)

Example of battery life calculation
Let's assume you want to track your switchboard door openings. You know that switchboard doors gets open twice a day. That means N = 2
By using formula to calculate expected battery life T=(Eb−N×31×Et)/Em we can get the result as:

T= 105.5 months

To calculate maximum number of transactions, if the magnetic detector needs to operate for 2 years we can get the result as:

N=277.35 transactions per day

NOTE 1: Battery might degrade over time and we suggest to multiply your results by safety coefficient 0.8
NOTE 2: To get the most accurate results we suggest to measure samples power profile with OTII made by Qoitech or similar. Energy profile may change based on your NB network and coverage.

Alarm detection: Message to the server and audible alarm
Detection principle: Magnetic / tongue relay
Audible alarm: Greater than 45dB / 1m
Tamper detection: Message to the server
Heartbeat: Every 12 hours
Alarm delay: Immediately
Closed: < 1.5cm
Open: > 2cm
Magnet position: Both sides
IoT network: NB-IoT
Frequency bands: B1, B3, B5, B8, B20, B28
Transmission power (max): 200 mW / 23 dBm
Communication protocol: CoAP
Communication protocol implementation: coap://host/api/v1/$ACCESS_TOKEN/telemetry
Uplink: As showed below
Downlink: None

Other parameters
Working temperature: 0…+50°C (Pay attention to the operating temperature of batteries)
Operation position: Vertical
Mounting: Glue or double-sided tape
Protection: IP40
Color: White
Dimension: 31.5 x 75 x 30 mm
Weight: 23g (without battery)
Dimension: 15 x 75 x 13 mm
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