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AirSLC-100L - Smart street light LoRa module

  • Used for remote control of the luminaire: ON / OFF / DIMM.
  • Communicates over the wireless LPWAN network LoRa.
  • DALI output signal for direct control of ballast in luminaire
  • Protection IP65, UV resistant, designed for outdoor installation in the LUMAWISE ENDURANCE S (identical with Zhaga Book 18).
  • Wireless FW update using the RFAF / USB Service Key.

Technical specification

Supply voltage: 12 - 24 V DC
Supply voltage tolerance: -10 /+15 %
Standby consumption: 0.5 W
Consumption max.: at 1.5 W communication
Working temperature: -30 .. +70 °C
Storage temperature: -30 .. +70 °C
Operation position: See manual
Mounting: in socket
Protection degree: IP65
Overvoltage category: III.
Pollution degree: 2
Dimension: Ø 80 x 40 mm
Weight: 64 g
Protocol: LoRa
Transmitter frequency: 868 MHz
Transmission power (max.): 25 mW / 14 dBm
Communication interface Active DALI (20mA)
Communication RF link
Protocol: iNELS RF Control
Transmitter frequency: 866 MHz, 868 MHz, 916 MHz
Range in open space: up to 20 m
LED indication
Blue LED module power supply
Green LED STATUS module
Red LED LPWAN communications
Temperature sensor
Range: -30 .. 70°C
Accuracy: ±1°C in the range -10°C .. 70°C
±3°C in the range -30°C .. -10°C
Light sensor
Scanned range: 5 - 100 000 Lx
Detection angle: 130°


When the power is connected, the device sends the initial message containing the measured temperature and light intensity.

The sensor senses the temperature and intensity of lighting every 2 minutes. After that, it sends a data message of measured values every 15 minutes.
Function setting (message from server):

  • Function AUTOMAT
    • The on / off is controlled according to the intensity measured by the light sensor.
  • Function SEMI-AUTOMAT:
    • Switching on / off, the brightness is set according to the set schedule (the schedule can be set by a message from the server).
    • Outside of the schedule is automatically set to AUTOMAT.
  • Function MANUAL:
    • Messages from the server can be turned on / off, adjust brightness and interval for sending data messages.

DALI connection

For the management of DALI BUS there is not an exact cable type recommended, but it is important to keep some installation conditions. For DALI BUS lines up to 100 m the recommended min. conductor cross section is 0.5 mm2. For management between 100 m -150 m a cross section of 0.75 mm2 and more than 150 m the recommended min is 1.5 mm2. Management of more than 300 m is not recommended. The voltage drop at the end of the installation may not be greater than 2 V.


The AirSLC-100L/LWES module fits into the Lunawise Endurance S socket. Socket needs to be externally powered by 12V - 24V.

Volba vhodného DALI předřadníku

Potřebný počet gatewayí

  • Počet gatewayi podle rozsahu instalace
  • Počet gatewayi podle rozlohy
  • Počet gatewayi podle členitosti

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